We are in an era where Education is an inevitable part of our daily lives. With increase in learning penetration in Africa, there is a glimmer of hope that Africa won’t be left out. It is rather appropriate that Africa doesn’t lag behind in the innovations of the educational sector, today and the trends of tomorrow.
The term “21st century learning” has been used to refer to abilities students must master, such as problem-solving skills, critical thinking skills, and digital literacy. Some refer to it as the ability to collaborate, communicate, and demonstrate skills that will ultimately help students navigate their way in the future.
Many nations around the world have undertaken wide-ranging reforms of curriculum, instruction, and assessments with the intention of better preparing all children for the higher educational demands of life and work in the 21st century.

WHAT ARE THE SKILLS YOUNG PEOPLE NEED TO BE SUCCESSFUL IN THIS RAPIDLY CHANGING WORLD AND WHAT COMPETENCES DO EDUCATORS NEED TO EFFECTIVELY TEACH THOSE SKILLS TO THEIR STUDENTS???The question that arises from this is, of course, what teacher preparation programs are needed to prepare Educators who are ready to teach well in a 21st-century classroom. This question is, however, still difficult to answer with available comparative evidence.

Over the past several decades, there has been increased demand for formal education to include the development of generic skills as well as traditional academic subjects, i.e., to include competencies for ways of thinking, ways of working, tools for working, and skills for living. These skills for today’s rapidly changing society, such as communication, problem solving, collaboration, and critical thinking, are being acknowledged increasingly all over the world. The big challenge, however, is knowing how to support and teach these skills in schools and classrooms.
In the absence of well-established, evidence-based approaches that demonstrate how to teach the skills and show how students have benefited from the process, countries are selecting a variety of paths to explore optimal models. For example, the “NURTURING THE NURTURER MASTERCLASS” adopts a value-centric framework that incorporates 21st century competencies, including civic literacy, global awareness, and cross-cultural skills; critical and inventive thinking; creativity, communication, collaboration and information skills; as well as social and emotional competencies and guiding principles for the variety of teaching approaches that educators can implement to enhance learning.


BisUch Consults in alignment with the SDG ( sustainable development goal) has identified quality education which ranks number four on the SDG to be achieved by 2030, as the foundation to creating sustainable development across nations.

The reason for the demise of quality education are due to lack of adequately trained teachers which is the focus of Nurturing The Nurturer master class among others. For quality education to be provided to children of poor and average families, investment is needed in not just infrastructure and educational scholarships but also teacher training workshops in order to better teach the children deploying 21st century skills that will in turn prepare and equip them for the future.

In making this happen, BisUch Consults have partnered with London Professional Training Centre who’s professional trainings are in alignment with providing quality education as part of the SDG. The Londonptc will be awarding the certificate of completion for this master class.


Nurturing The Nurturer was hosted in 2019 and had about a 100 participants comprising of teachers and school owners which was a huge success as the goal of the training was achieved.

The theme of this training for 2020 is CREATIVITY FOR INNOVATION which is an initiative of BisUch Consults a talent development and human resource hub that helps individuals live fulfilling lives. The training will be facilitated by a variety of industry leaders who will share invaluable insights into the latest career development, Learning solutions, and industry trends. Nurturing The Nurturers Masterclass is a hands-on practical and physical class that is scheduled to hold on the 6th of June 2020 in Lagos, Nigeria, and we have conscientiously selected some of Nigeria’s finest Industry experts and leading career coaches in education as our facilitators for the training.

 To equip and train the educator on the 21st century techniques of teaching and learning in order to better prepare the children for the global world
 To show the educator how to explore teaching and learning using fun and play
 To expose the educator to the different learning style of children so they can better prepare their lessons to cater for every child
 To train the educator on how to harness critical thinking from their students
 To train the educator on how to reduce rote learning but rather embrace creativity to stimulate the students imaginative thinking capabilities that would help them create solutions to world problems.