Have you ever tried to start up a business and all you can think of is how to get capital or funds for the business?

I’ve coached many people who believe their only limitation is cash but how true is that?

Permit me to say that sometimes putting cash first in business is a panacea for failure because there are certain foundational business skills that you need to learn and practice before money.

Money they say comes to those who have mastered the art of multiplying it and when money is put first in any business, you relinquish the need to learn business survival skills.

I have also understudied the Igbo’s (a tribe in Nigeria known for great business successes) and I have learnt how most of them start their business without capital and grow the business through profits generated till they can stand on their feet.

So join me on a journey of exploring how you can start your business without cash and grow your business till the business can provide its own capital and sustain itself.

The training is also for those who can afford to fund their start up, but want to learn the skills and tricks of a business first before investing money in the business!