Ask Ellie: Ex-wife’s behaviour raises issues about adult kids

Ask Ellie: Ex-wife’s behaviour raises issues about adult kids

August 15, 2020 06:00 AM

Dear Ellie: I’m a divorced man who had been hitched for 25 years together with two kids, now within their late-20s.

After having kids, my ex-wife displayed terrible mood swings, extreme stubbornness, and unreasonable, manipulative, managing, reliant behavior.

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She couldn’t keep task nor be friends with many people. Every issue became a disagreement. She had been never ever sorry for her behaviour, never forgave nor forgot.

Fundamentally, just what looked like a bad psychotic break for snap the link right now me to stay toward me and other family members, made it impossible.

My kiddies had simply finished college and university. The divorce or separation had been really bitter (her). We attempted difficult to be reasonable and fair. There’s been no contact since we separated.

Unfortuitously, my kids likewise have had no experience of me.

She’d flatly declined opting for counselling/therapy. Throughout our wedding, we saw health practitioners, psychiatrists, psychologists and wedding counsellors.

Their persistent advice: If she’dn’t seek counselling with me or alone, i ought to keep.

But i possibly couldn’t break up my children and felt some obligation to provide for her.

I happened to be the single breadwinner and concerned about the monetary effect of divorce proceedings. In addition knew sharing custody will be an income hell, therefore I remained, which jeopardized my real and psychological state.

I became forced to simply simply just take medical your retirement at 51. More